About me

The being that you and I are, are unfathomably vast, glorious and infinite to define myself into my educational, professional or personal tags can be very limiting.

I am an explorer, an evolver, an ardent student of life, admirer of universe, a spiritual nomad, and artist at heart. As a meditation lover, it is my mission to awaken the inner navigator within you and set you on a journey of self exploration.

I believe in infinite possibilities, and that each person has an inner healer and guiding system within them. Limitations are only of mind, and out of my tool kit, I can help you to transform those beliefs into your true potential.

“A true leader is the one that creates leaders and not followers ~ anon”

My work is as scientific as it is spiritual and uses both eastern approach of healing (as in the principles of meditation, yoga, pranayama, Reiki, visualization, the mantras and mudras) and western philosophy (as in talk therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression, transactional analysis, affirmations, the laws of attraction & manifesting, understandings of the subconscious and conscious mind, and the power of limiting beliefs). 

I believe no matter what life looks like right now, each one of us always have a choice, can always make a change and although change may sound challenging, it is always for good.

After working for Fashion Exports and Retail for 12 years, I shifted into the profession of Mental Health and Emotional wellbeing. What changed? My first innings were about beautifying and accessorizing women, externally. Now it’s about navigating people from all walks of life and all age groups to identify and explore their inner beauty and strength. I carry work experience over 24+ years across various industries that includes Fashion Exports, Fashion Retail, Mental Health & Training and Development.

I am not driven by numbers nor do I push hard to be seen. This work to me, isn’t about counting the hours or breaking rules, or being seen in limelight, it’s about simply empowering clients to explore their own strengths and abilities, develop in self-awareness & enhance authenticity to experience fulfillment and contentment in every area of their lives.

Academic achievements & Certifications

  • Post Graduate in Psychology (Counselling)
  • Diploma holder of Management studies
  • Diploma holder of Fashion Design
  • a Yoga Trainer certified by Ministry of AYUSH
  • Sri Sri School of Yoga-350 hours & The Yoga Institute
  • Certified Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)Practitioner
  • Sex Educator
  • Relationship Counselor
  • Behavioral and Soft Skills Trainer
  • Reiki Master & Theta Practitioner

Professional achievements

As a Corporate trainer, I have trained professionals from various segments like Retail, Finance, IT, Pharma, for organizations such as Pantaloons(Now Future Group), Fab India, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Birla Sun Life, Reliance, Tata Power, GEP, Asian Heart Institute, Wellness Forever, IPCA, Wockhardt, Destination Unplugged. Ranging various topics like Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Personal Effectiveness, Assertiveness and Decision Making, Customer Centricity and Process Orientation, Business Etiquette and Business Communication, Mind Mapping, Creative Thinking &  Problem Solving, Communication & Grooming  to name a few. The professionals have been mainly Managers and Middle Managers.

As an educator and a therapist, I have conducted institutional sessions for schools and colleges to create social and self awareness through various programs like importance of Good touch and Bad touch, Mindfulness, Meditation for students, Easy steps to study effectively, Importance of Gratitude and Positive thinking are to name a few.

As an Artist I have explored various art forms of painting like Thooli, Warli, Mandalas, Zentangle and Madhubani Painting.

And lot more …!

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